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Unintended Discoveries

So, with a bit of luck, a lot of planning; or little planning and a whole lot of luck, you had the advantage of securing residence in a sprawling metropolitan area, where not only did you find the frills, thrills, and an environment full of the all the enticements and cultural allure a photographer seeks out; but by whatever powers that be, you’ve been additionally blessed with a climate that has fully embraced your talents and works…   That’s our story, and in that course of time stands the ultimate in blessings!  With all the heartfelt and sincere interest we indulge in during our journey of finding out who the people are that we are pledging ourselves to work with and for; their personalities, their dreams and endeavors, what makes them tick, our own personality and creativity blending with theirs to bring it all into focus (it’s who we are… our branding) we gained the greatest of friendships – so often and substantial they are, we indeed attribute them to divine intervention!  

So, what does one do after experiencing such gratifying encounters, after a having had a place to refine those creative ventures now that circumstance has lead us away from there… for the sake of making a sacrifice for the needs of someone else? (In my situation, a parent who is having an extremely hard time coping with a troubling and distressing life change!)  For us, it was coming to a place of understanding that the divine leading that brought us together with all those wonderful people and places of recent, He now has put on this path here, for this period-of-time, and we followed… a “must be” right thing to do.   

While there have indeed been bumps along this path (ha! some more like foothills to a mountain high) we have found blessed events and people on this journey.   It can be found in our previous shares of images and posts… Screw City Beer Fest, Firelight Dimmers, Danielle at Prairie Street, to name a few. 

But this is about the here and now, where on this particularly late afternoon, after a barrage of fickle weather situations from cold and cloudy to torrential rains, I set out just yesterday with only a sincere desire to capture something… in nature.  Not typical, as I (we) don’t promote ourselves as straight-up landscape photographers, but still, I had this gut feel, an instinct, perhaps just a hope that the clouds just might break and give way to something of beauty, or as I’ve come to favor “The Artistry from the hands of God” … please enjoy and feel free to comment.