Chicago Area Wedding and Commercial Photographers


The Heart of the Deal

It’s not the “Art of The Deal” but the Heart of The Deal… for us!

Bill and I hold to the understanding the primary consideration is the person, or persons, in front of the lens: what values you hold to, the core essence of your personality, the “what’s now” and “what comes next” in your life's ambitions; through our process we will collaborate with you in defining the individual, Bill and I must then step up to the challenge of conveying that in the images we photograph.

A forever quest for us as portrait artists – find motivating, alluring, characteristic-identifying settings; that overall “look” that best links the scene to who you are in the moment.   This month we have identified faves that fit that purpose so well!  Honestly, these select locations proved out:  by utilizing the variety of our go-to lenses, and then shooting at the kind of angles we have adapted as our own form of branding, we were able to achieve varieties of cinematic, artistic, and dynamic elements.  We welcome you to experience these scenes the way we felt and witnessed them – you’ll make it happen - we will capture it… in the moment.  Step into the view of high-end visual quality imagery, and you’ll be distinguished from the synthesized, cloned-to-mimic the real-deal, devices of plenty.  Here are a few samples of what we are talking about – note, we have identified specific spots within these settings for each separate need: Senior, Couples, Bridal, and Wedding…

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