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Sunrise on the Michigan

While getting up at 4:30am does not sit well with us (well...for me at least...Bill is much more of a morning person), capturing beautiful sunrise photos is definitely worth a few hours of missed sleep. 

This collection is comprised of some of our favorite images from two different visits to the wonderful Illinois Beach State Park in Zion, IL. About midway between Chicago and Milwaukee, the 6 1/2 mile shoreline of the icy blue (and icy cold!) Lake Michigan reflects the fervent oranges and pinks of the rising sun each morning.  Our challenge was to not only represent the beauty of the scene, but to capture the mix of the frigid wind coming off of the lake with the warmth of the dawning sun, creating a rich, multi-sensory experience, in 2-dimensional form. Photography is not meant to simply depict an aesthetically pleasing scene, but to transport the viewer into that allow them to feel the wind in their hair and the warmth on their skin.

We are pleased to share these photos with you, and welcome you to contact us for more information about purchasing prints. These would make a lovely addition to the home or office of any frequent Illinois beach-goer or to anyone who appreciates the unique beauty that exists at the beginning every new day.