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St. Patricks Day

It was mid-afternoon, Livy and I had just finished a delicious lemon bar at our favorite place in Beloit, Bagels and More; therein, deciding to make a quick visit next door, we walked into Northwoods Premium Confections Store, to say a quick hello to Mark, a fellow photographer who we’ve recently had the privilege of making the acquaintance of (who is also employed there) and to peruse all there amazing delectable goodies.  Mark immediately engages us in conversation (we’re talking photography here… of course}. Mark was appropriately attired for this occasion, donned in a green hat, tie, and vest… it’s Saint Patty’s day after all!  I made mention of how I had an assignment for Saint Patrick’s day in San Antonio, to photograph the city’s well celebrated “Murphy’s Parade” with all it’s gala and floats on the Riverwalk (images of that are on our website for those interested in seeing the costumes and military participants) Now back on subject, Mark suddenly, with much enthusiasm, says “Hey Bill, did you know we have a parade going on Downtown here, starting like…now..If you have your cameras, you might want to go for it”.  We made a dash for the trunk, got our gear, and scurried to catch up to the parade goers; pretty much the in the last 5 minutes of their route, we introduced ourselves to these interesting people, taking these shots in attempt to capture their iconic representations, as well as their individual personalities.