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The Evolution of a Photograph

As artists, we are forever evolving: expanding our knowledge and changing our style to fit our desired aesthetic, influenced by trends around us. 

As professionals, so focused on what the client wants, we sometimes lose sight of the artistic inclination that lead us to the medium of photography as a mean of self-expression. 

It is important to meet a client’s needs and desires, but it is also important to create the art that your soul strives for. You establish this style (your brand), and the clients who are drawn to your art will find it to have the same tremendous value that you place on it yourself.  Art is a universal form of communication, that can transcend human interaction, creating a bond between souls. 

When Bill and I created this photo in September of 2015, we intended on taking “a cool photo using baby powder as fog”.

In 2016, I re-edited it, impressed with the difference between the original.

Recently, while perusing my external hard drive I found both the original file and the edit I had done. “Is this the best I can do?” I asked myself, taking another sip of Red Bull at 2 in the morning (when my best work is done, to be honest).

Then today, I completed IMG_0027's transformation...for the moment. 

The answer is, my friends, there’s no such thing as the best you can do, just the best you can do with the tools at your disposal, specifically referring to your mind. 

Our minds are our greatest tool. Allow them to work and achieve their full potential; never constrain your mind to the space occupied by your brain.

Stay creative,