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Danielle @ PSB

While sitting at a café, I walked up to the counter to get my long-awaited drink. I noticed a person standing across from me, who appeared unusually statuesque. My first thought was "she must be standing on an elevated platform, because she's nearly my height, and I'm NOT short."  I craned my neck, over the counter, to affirm my suspicion.  Nope, no platform. 


I chose this café, as it was the ideal surrounding to finish edits from a previous photoshoot. Upon seeing the images I was in the process of working on, the statuesque subject and I engaged in a conversation about photography. She asked for a business card and contacted us about scheduling a photoshoot. 



Now, our job was defining the theme and then agreeing on a suitable location. We scoured areas throughout the Rockford area, both indoor and outdoor. What we had decided on for a theme was "structurally urban", in a venue that would allow us to use lighting and angles to make our subject pop from the backgrounds, not simply blend in. Searching for a place to eat lunch one day, we came upon an establishment that, to our surprise, offered everything we had been searching for: urban aesthetic in an indoor environment? Awesome! 



We immediately got in touch with an event manager who was in charge of booking the usage of the space. We explained who we are and what we were intending on creating, using specific sections of the establishment to create the right angles to compliment our theme. 


Often doing photoshoots in a public domain attracts a lot of attention: Danielle's was no exception. Throughout, she demonstrated enthusiasm and focus, handling the distractions the way you'd expect from a professional model. 

Taken on an inactive railroad track, no worries! 

Taken on an inactive railroad track, no worries!